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12 x 200g Walker’s Nonsuch Toffee Twin Hammer Pack

The pack contains two deliciously creamy toffee bars along with a toffee hammer. Walker’s have been making toffee for over 100 years and use just good ingredients including whole milk and butter. Instructions on how to break the bars are on the back of the pack along with a little history of the company. Each bar has a clear tray protecting the look of the toffee bar and it ensures the segments are retained and it makes it easy to break. The Toffee Twin Pack has a fresh feel in a bright blue and cream and offers retailers the opportunity to offer something totally unique to their customers and a good alternative to chocolate. There’s something special and very British about breaking your own slab toffee bars and somehow it’s seems to taste better that way!

Product Code: 6253

Outer Barcode: 05010169141297