November 2017

A Christmas message from the Chairman….

Now that Bonfire night has been reduced to ashes and Remembrance day has passed, might I just thank you all for allowing us to act as one of your trusted suppliers.  I say trusted as you depend on us at Hider to service your retail outlet and I feel that responsibility very personally!

2017 has as usual presented us with many challenges, the poor currency for one makes any imported commodity more expensive, and we try to minimise this by cleverly buying currency forward in an often vain attempt at tempering the pain.  Our buyers try hard to extract the best terms, the best promotions and in general add to the quality of our offerings.  We are sometimes let down by suppliers both here and abroad, but take a pragmatic view that no one is perfect, and we would rather work with the producer to overcome their problems.  We also hope for the same cooperative view with our retailers.

Our warehousemen expend many hours unloading containers, topping up working stocks, monitoring best befores (now that will always be a task).  They endeavour to get your order to you as promptly and accurately as they can.  A new computer system next year will, I hope, improve our success rate, but I write this in the midst of Christmas deliveries, and just hope we continue to get most things right.  Your votes and support have once again made us distributor of the year, and we intend to make it very difficult to be voted off top spot!

But as in certain Bakery and Dancing programmes, the unexpected does happen, should the contestants lose their focus.  All I can say is that I have absolute faith in my management and staff that they will succeed.

So a Happy Christmas to you all, followed by a Healthy New Year and remember that I consider, producer, distributor and retailer to be all on the same side and we are just part of a successful business group.

Yours sincerely

David Hider

City of all things cultural!