David Hider November 2016

The Weather Forecasts

This is a sad reflection in some ways, but also shows how, over 40 years or so , you adjust to listening in on particular aspects of daily life, which is emphasised when, like now, I am in the States.Hider-009606

The weather forecast here is the same as in the U.K. but nationally carries a lot more extremes and variety of information and whilst I need to know the sun is shining in Florida, what I’m really looking at is the rain, frost or sun in the Almond , Walnut and Raisin state of California. Is there blossom on the trees? Any sign of frost?  Are there plenty of bees for pollination?  Are the winter snows on the Rockies enough to keep the aquifers supplying the dry valleys with the water they need?  Today I have received an e-mail showing the lake and reservoir levels (they are almost exactly on an average setting).

Agriculture is in the lap of the weather gods and therefore an experienced farmer or trader is watching his fields with one eye, whilst the other is skywards.

Boring but important, my view at present ……….. good crops in 2016 so no immediate panic, but watch the weather in February and the pink Almond blossom.  It makes a change from Politics!

David Hider