David Hider July 2016

Out of Europe, not once but twice!Hider-009606

Well how have we managed that, all within one long weekend?

We arrived back in Blighty overnight to a sunny morning in Gatwick and the pilot informed us of the Brexit vote, somewhere over Sussex, – there was a sharp intake of breath and then a stunned silence.

So we eventually got back home, to a lawn that resembled a meadow, an overgrown vegetable patch, mountains of mail, jet lag and government lacking a leader and opposition heading the same way.  I cannot say that I supported such a decision, I could see too many imponderables, too much uncertainty, both of which would produce a negative response on the financial markets and currencies!

But the deed is done and milk spilt, bonds broken and so we must just stay calm and carry on regardless.  The short to medium term affect on the currency is my main concern which will, in fact has already has, push up prices of raw materials by 5 to 10%.  As an importing nation the freedom to trade without tariffs is important as it also allows free movement of the goods, across the border, so I hope that the negotiating team have their A team out – difficult to negotiate after we have made the decision already though ?

As to Euro 2016, yet again our national side truly underperformed, under achieved and lacked the passion and urgency that is needed. At least they get invited to join into the next tournament, it is a shame the EU do not share the same scenario!

On the positive side, I suspect that the excellent European staff we have will stay with us, the dust will settle and we will march on regardless. The lawn is already looking better, not quite Wimbledon standard ,but getting there after a couple of trims and Hull City find themselves back in the Premier League with Hull FC at the top of the rugby world, more good news.

What is more, we have a Christmas brochure packed with delicious products and just await your orders!  While you sort that out I must get back to the vegetable patch!

Just so you know that this edict replaced an earlier draft which was all about Donald Trump and gun control, we will wait and see how that scenario develops.

Enjoy the summer,

David Hider