David Hider May 2016

Greetings on May Day, the start of summer?  Well the first of these monthly comments.Hider-009606

Well the weather, snow, hail, gales and frost would suggest that yet again we have to bow before the weather gods.  Cricket in the snow is no fun and the overseas players must wonder where they have come to and why!

I mentioned the climate as it does affect the nut and dried fruit crops and prices around the world, the perfect blooming (in the warm Almond valleys of California) can be ruined by a simple frost (thankfully not this year).  Peanuts in the US and China can be wrecked by rain after the ploughing up to dry the nuts in the sun, and too much sun can darken a walnut kernel, even through the shell.

Back to the UK and my recent trip to Scotland, work linked to visits to the Parliament building (splendid) and a second viewing of the Great Tapestry of Scotland (excellent) in an old jute museum in Dundee (known for its 3J’s, jam, jute and journalism).

I took samples of our new Hider foil snack pre packs to a range of delis and farm shops (Loch Leven Farm shop is upgrading its top class café, Glendoick is so easy to get to and continues to win prizes and Diane at Provender in Perth, gracious as ever).

So try them, from Roasted Salted Cashews, Wasabi Peas and so on, see page 7 of the product list.  On the opposite page you will see our new snacking selection trays, from retro sweets to savoury snacks.  You also asked for stand up packs of Turkish Delight, we have them in 100g packs, many of them Kosher, gluten free and many with real fruit.

Back to the mundane real life and Tata Steel, BHS and Austin Reed have been struggling and one more McEwan’s of Perth, an independent Department Store, trading for 150 years almost, has gone into administration, a huge loss for a small town.

A letter in the Telegraph mentioned that a regular shopper in BHS stopped shopping as they disliked the loud music and could not read the small price tags!

A lesson to us all to keep it simple and listen to your customers or they will vote with their feet!

David Hider